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Grad party for 150 - 250
We estimate between 150 to 250, 2-5 pm on a Saturday. Our menu 60# pulled pork, 150 pcs. of deli chicken, ham and cheese sandwiches, (assortment of buns) 16# pasta salad (veggies only) fresh fruit tray, cake and cookies, lemonade, iced tea, bottled water, coffee. I am also considering baked beans. I am going to be okay with these amounts? My DH insists on 3 meats! thanks in advance
Meat and sandwiches fine.

For 200, I would do 12 pounds dry pasta for the salad, ending up with more than 16 pounds.

The baked beans are good insurance- make some meatless for vegetarian guests. 15 pounds dry, or 6 gallons canned.

Check the beverage page for help there, dessert planning page for amount advice on the desserts.
Fruit tray- 2 times the deluxe tray for 100 would be plenty!

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