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medieval banquet
margaret fox
Ideas for community medieval banquet catering for two hundred people . What do think about starter veg soup then bacon and colcannon and for desert apple pie and custard. What quanties do I require. Thanks
In medieval times, everything was often served on or in bread bowls/plates- how about serving the soup in bread bowls?

Roasted meats were festival food, and poultry was a luxury. You could add roasted leg quarters to this menu for authentic choice at a low cost. Rich folk could season up with cinnamon, lemon... And more bread, of course.

It would not have been pie as done in America, but rather tart or crumble or clafouti style cake and fruit.

For 200 people,

soup- 6 gallons per 100
bread bowls- 1 per person

chicken quarters- one each, depends on size, about 90 pounds per 100
Roast pork, 50 pounds raw boneless per 100 would be another authentic choice
colcannon- 40 pounds potatoes and 15 pounds cabbage per 100
bacon (ham, gammon, salted pork)-35 pounds

tarts- 1 small each or cut 8" into 6 pieces
custard- 1/2 cup per person

Platters of assorted cheese, nuts and fresh and dried fruits would be an authentic addition

Look here for inspiration:

If you google medieval food or medieval banquet, you will see more ideas.

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