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Cook Talk

Can I layer brisket to reheat?
I think I've got all the brisket rules down pat for making 40 pounds tomorrow, EXCEPT: We're going to roast, wrap, and refrigerate Saturday, then slice and reheat on Sunday before the party. After slicing, can we layer the slices in juice in the roasting pan as high as will fit, or need we keep to one layer? In other words, I only have two ovens for the reheating process. Thanks in advance.
Even if storing or reheating in pans, you need to wrap first in butcher wrap with foil, with some broth. That is tight- no dripping. Keep the packets or layers less than 2 inches at the thickest. For chilling, they will not chill fast enough (dangerous) and for reheating, if too thick, will take a long time to reheat and will not reheat evenly.

In regular ovens, you can even reheat on cookie sheets if they are tightly covered.

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