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Grad Party for 100
I am cooking for my niece's graduation party. I am having Pulled Pork, Mac and cheese, meatballs and sloppy joes. I need to know how many pounds to purchase or make of each to serve 100. All of the websites tell you how much to make of each, but that is if it is the only main dish. Since I am having 4 main dishes, I know I don't need what the websites are saying. I am also having potato salad, cole slaw, fruit, etc. I am just stuck on the main dishes. Please help!!!
Pulled Pork, meatballs and sloppy joes.

Assuming all are going into sandwiches, you want to make enough for about 50 sandwiches of each, (about 4 ounces per sandwich) and have 150 buns and some egg salad or sliced cheese for he non-meat eaters.

With this menu, the mac and cheese will be treated as a side dish. 1 pound pasta per 10, 1 quart sauce per pound.

Judy P
I am planning a H.S. Graduation Party. We are planning for approx. 80-100 people (all ages):

100 pieces chicken
Roast Beef/Sandwiches (15 lbs)
Polish Sausage & Kraut (15 lbs)
Mostaccioli (? lbs)
Mashed Potatoes (? lbs)
Coleslaw (? lbs)
Tossed Salad (?)

I have no idea if this should be enough or not. We will have plenty of other dips, appetizers, desserts, chips, etc. We will be making the mashed potatoes and salad ourselves and I don't know how much to make. Any suggestions?

100 pieces chicken- fine
Roast Beef/Sandwiches (15 lbs)- get deli sliced. Plenty
Polish Sausage & Kraut (15 lbs)- plenty
Mostaccioli (? lbs)- 8 pounds dry
Mashed Potatoes (? lbs)- 25 pounds
Gravy? 4-6 quarts
Coleslaw (? lbs)- 3 gallons,about 20 pounds
Tossed Salad (?)-do 2/3 the amount for 100 from the plan for 100 page

You need sandwich trimmings, see the sandwich page

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