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how much fruit
I am confused my the fruit charts...fruit 25 is about 18lbs..I need for a 100 so I multiply this by 4 and equals 72lbs...but when I check the 100 fruit chart its only about 29lbs of fruit...can you help me figure this out...we are needing fruit for a 100 and its watermelon,grapes,pineapple,strawberries,oranges,kiwi,is about the most of it and berries ..can you help me understand....thanks so much and you are amazing at what you do...
Rose, if you recheck the tables, you will see that the deluxe tray for 100 has a whole lot of fruit not by the pounds, much more than 29 pounds. If you don't want berries, use 4 times the tray for 25. If you want berries, oranges, etc, use the deluxe tray for 100.

If you want to post your list, I will check it for you.

On your page ..ELLEN'S KITCHEN SIMPLE FRESH FRUIT SALAD/PLATTER PURCHASING GUIDE FOR 100 ..if I buy all this what I need for a 100??? We are serving 2 watermelons, 3 pineapple, 3lbs grapes, 2lbs of this enough or too much because we are on a budget...I really dont know..
OK, now I see what confused you. You need 5-600 pieces of fruit. The list is a guide, it was supposed to advise, if you want grapes, 1 pound makes 8 (green) to 12 (Tokay) bunches.

So your list would work this way:

2 watermelons, 360 pieces
3 pineapple, 120 pieces
3 lbs grapes, 20 pieces
2 lbs of strawberries, 50 pieces if they are not too large

550 pieces.

But the problem is, everyone wants at least one strawberry and most people want grapes.

So how about you tweak this?

1 watermelon- 160-200 pieces
3 pineapples- 120 pieces
10 pounds grapes- 80-100 small bunches
5 pounds strawberries- 100+ pieces

Enough pieces, much better distribution.

If you can't afford the extra strawberries and grapes, then I suggest you just go with 3 watermelons. It is much better than running out of some items early.

Hope this helps.

thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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