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Precooked frozen meatballs
I am wanting to know how long to cook, frozen precooked meatballs in a roaster oven. I am using sweet 'n savory sauce from a can. (GFS) and my meatballs are 1/2 oz. and there is 160 in a 5 lb bag.(GFS ) I will be cooking 5 or 6 bags total. I guess I will need to do 3 bags in each roaster. I'm just not sure on the temp to cook and for how long?
Roasters at 300. Preheat the sauce, stir as it tends to scorch; when it begins to bubble (which could take 20-30 minutes) add the meatballs.

They will heat better/faster if held in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.

Keep the roaster covered except when stirring. Stir by going down the side all the way to the bottom, and lifting toward the middle all the way around to rotate the meatballs. They will cut or break part if you are too vigorous.

I allow an hour to heat them through if cooking from frozen.

Add 2 cans of crushed pineapple in juice for an improvement in the sauce.

Plug in the roasters in 2 separate circuits, which usually means 2 different rooms, or you will blow circuits. OR heat in the regular oven (you can go 350, since they don't scorch like a roaster) and transfer to a 180 roaster to hold.

Thanks a million!
Jeanette Hahn
I have to heat 9 (about 450 frozen meatballs)bags of frozen meatballs to serve 30 people. I will be serving them with gravy. I am using a roaster oven.
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