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Cook Talk

Graduation Party for 130
I am having a graduation party and if all invited come it will be 130 people. Can you please advise how much of the following:

Pulled Pork
Pulled Turkey
Chicken Tenders
Potato Salad
Green Beans
Baked Beans
Veggie Tray
Potato Chips
Ranch Dip for chips and veggies
Thank you.

This counts as 1 1/4 times the amount for 100.

Pulled Pork- 1 cup per 3 PLUS
Pulled Turkey-1 cup per 5 PLUS
Chicken Tenders- 2 per person

Bread and sandwich trimmings discussed on the sandwich page

Potato Salad- 5 1/2 gallons
Baked Beans- 4 gallons

Green Beans- 29 pounds

Veggie Tray- see veggie tray page
Potato Chips- 1 pound per 10
Ranch Dip- 1 cup per 4

I would definitely add at least 1 fruit tray for 100, see the fruit tray page, and a platter of sliced cheeses for the people who don't eat meat

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