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Cooking for a wedding reception
Looking for a good cooked potato recipe for a party of 300 people. We are having this reception at a hall that can accomodate 1000 people and we have access to kitchen and all catering dishes. We are having a pig and lamb roast. I am making roasted chicken. I do not know how many lbs of potatos to cook. They will be small potatos because they are from our garden, also how many lbs green beans. Also from the garden. And salad. Thanks for your help.
What a delight to have enough room and equipment!

The current fashion for smashed roasted potatoes might be just perfect for you, they are attractive and delicious. Here are some links:

They are so good, I would do 40 pounds per 100 at least.

Green beans, at least 24 pounds per 100.

Salad, see the plan for 100 salad table at the top of the planning page.

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