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Graduation Reception
Hi there. I'm planning the graduation reception for our local elementary school. It's possible that there will be 150-200 people there for probably an hour + after the ceremony. We will be serving:

A large cake
several other donated desserts
and the following:
Veggie Trays
Fruit trays
cheese and crackers
and maybe stuffed breads or mini quiche?

How many trays/pounds of food should I buy?

A single full sheet serves only 50-at most 60, so you need at least 3 sheets; you could do 2 layer.

Veggie Trays- do 2 classic relish trays and about 6 pounds of carrots, 2-3 pints of Ranch dressing
Fruit trays- 1 deluxe fruit tray for 100 and 2 plain 25 trays added
cheese- 12-14 pounds assorted, can have some as spreads or logs
crackers, 10 pounds

and maybe stuffed breads or mini quiche? 300-400 pieces of any good bites would be a nice addition.

You are a life saver! Thank you!

The cake is a two layer and is being made by the school kitchen. I'm sure it'll be plenty big enough!

Thanks agaiN!

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