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Anitpasto Tray for 200
I am working on an Italian Theme reception for 200 people time is 2:45-7:00pm. How many lbs. of sliced Proscuitto, Salami, Hot Cappacolla & Turkey would I need. The menu also constist of Caprese Bites, Cheese Board (3 cheeses, grapes, & crackers) Roasted Garlic Hummus with crostinis, Fresh Fruit Display & Spanakopita. Any help is appreciated.
Tori, this is a long party and over a meal time. Are you thinking that these are the only foods you are going to serve, or is this the appetizer plan? Also, what is the event (is it come and go, or will most people be there teh whole time) and will alcohol be served? It makes a big difference in the amounts.
This is a wedding reception and I agree it is a very long reception. Especially with no band. Yes beer & wine will be served. this is the menu they selected due tight budget, however as you know Italian meats & imported cheeses are expensive. But the only item they are instant on having is the antipasto b/c the groom's family is Italian. I have a feeling that the guest will not stay as long as the bride is thinking. Thank you & I look forward to your response.
Since this is starting at 3 pm-ish, would they consider a "dessert only" reception, which could be done with just desserts and the savory antipasto tray? Or a spread in 2 parts with savory foods till say, 5 and then bring out a dessert buffet, cake and coffee? If they do it as currently planned, everyone will leave when the food runs out, which will be pretty early.

Would there be members off either family who would be willing to bake and freeze cookies, biscotti, bars?

Is there someone who could do/make the antipasto veggies on this site and/or the artichoke olive condite here:

The only way to afford something like proscuitto on a budget is to wrap a tiny bit around a piece of melon or a date. Lots of work. Who will do it?

This needs work.

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