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come-up temp time for roaster?
Am re-heating canned Bush's Burbon Beans in 22qt roaster (groom's choice). I'll have about 2.5 gallons in it. Beans will be room temp when added. Roaster is new. Do you think an hour to reach over 140F?
Maybe we should switch to 2 crock pots since the roaster won't be as full as originally planned?

Thanks for all of your advice. I gladly donate because it's a great value.

Long before the date, run it at highest temp for an hour outside on the porch, to burn off the factory residues, or it may badly flavor your food.

You need to reach 165, not 140.

Preheat the roaster to 400, 20 minutes. When you put the beans in, reduce to 350. This keeps the element from turning on right away and reduces the chance of bottom scorch.

allow 2 hours- check temp- when it reaches 160, turn to 180

2 6 quarts crocks will work, but take about 4 hours on high.

Thank you very much. I'd heated water when first brought home. But not for an hour. Now I know the beans will be heated through but not scorched & won't have off-odors & flavors.
Hope you have wonderful July celebrations.
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