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Stir Fried Veggies for 150?
Jennifer R
I'm doing a wedding in July for 150. We're having ropa vieja (flank steak in a tomato sauce) teriyaki chicken, white rice, black beans and stir fried veggies. Caesar salad. As well as crackers & cheese, with sour kraut balls before dinner and a chocolate fountain with fruit after dinner to go with the cake. I've never done a cooked veggie for that many people. I'm not sure how much to buy. Stir frying is going to be hard enough to not over cook them so they hold up until serving. We maybe cooking them thru out the reception depending on how fast they go. It will be an experience I'm sure. But qty???
You need about 24 pounds trimmed ready to cook per 100. But how about roasted? MUCH easier to prep and hold, and would go better with this menu.

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