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cooking for 200
i got a catering order for 200 people just two dishes. i am at a loss as to the quantity of food i need to make. they have asked me to make a veg pulao and a butter chicken gravy dish.
i have assumed that i will need atleast 13-14 full trays of pulao and 6-7 full trays of the butter chicken.
i am not sure how much rice i would need.for the chicken curry i am sure that i can use anywhere between 6-8 lbs of chicken per tray.
and also at a loss on how much to charge. i am think $4 per plate.what do u think?
i would really love some input...
Hi, aarti,

This site is primarily for family and volunteer cooks, so I don't do any pricing. For that, you need to post to a pro board such as:

My amounts are for big USA appetites, so if you are not stateside you could do a bit less.

veg pulao 1 pound rice per 8
butter chicken 1 pound boneless chicken per 4

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