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60th wedding anniversary
I am planning an afternoon reception 2pm-5:00pm 150 confirmed guests. Using appetizer trays - fruit(cantaloupe(4-5), pineapple(5),Honeydew(3), 8 lb strawberries, 10 lb grapes/red&green; 4qt vanilla yogurt vegetable-6lb cauliflower, 6 qts cherry tomatoes, 6 lb carrots,3 lb celery, 6 cucumbers 1 gal black olives, 1 gal sweet pickles;3-4 qts dressing cheese cubes - 35 lb -4 kinds; pinwheels 450, chicken salad 3-4 gals and 400 boneless chicken wings
Am I correct on amounts?
Punch fountain 10 gal
Fruit tea - 5 gal
You will have plenty of food, since many of the friends will be their age and

cantaloupe(4-5), it is mid afternoon
Honeydew(3), add one or two more if small
8 lb strawberries, very popular
10 lb grapes/red&green;
4qt vanilla yogurt- stir in a little mace for a delicious change
Use lime wedges to season and garnish

vegetable- fine
6 lb cauliflower,
6 qts cherry tomatoes,
6 lb carrots,
3 lb celery,
6 cucumbers
3-4 qts dressing

1 gal black olives, 1 gal sweet pickles; fine

cheese cubes - 35 lb -4 kinds; plenty- 25 would probably be enough
chicken salad 3-4 gals- fine
You need 10-12 pounds of crackers with the 2 above
pinwheels 450, could cut back, 2 pieces per person fine, have some vegetarian
400 boneless chicken wings- plenty; have dipping sauces, at least 1 cup per 10 people

Punch fountain 10 gal OK, none left
Coffee- dinner level, see the beverage planning page
Fruit tea - 5 gal nice idea, if possible have some unsweetened. Flavored green teas are extra attractive

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