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Cook Talk

wedding reception
Light reception after the wedding. Summer sausage, cheese, crackers , ships and dip for 50 or more people. Not much money involved. It was done on short notice. Really have know idea how much to buy.
Do thin slices or small chunks on the sausage, toothpicks- 2 ounces per person-if people cut it themselves they take much more.

cheese, 3-4 pounds. A 5 pound block sharp cheddar at Sam's costs about the same as 2-3 pounds anywhere else, and it's good.
Consider adding 1 pound cream cheese with a jar of good preserves over it- could be red currant, apricot, sour cherries, fig.
crackers, 3 pounds. If someone in the group is a bread baker, ask them to make you 4 pounds of great home-made bread- people love this and it is cheap

chips, 5 pounds. Have a quart of salsa and a quart of another dip.

a quart of tiny pickles, a quart of olives, maybe some grape or cherry tomatoes

If you can, add a simple fruit tray (see the fruit tray page) and a punch or fresh lemonade, made from frozen concentrate, about 4 gallons- throw in a can of limeade and a can of tropical or orange mango and float some sliced oranges, lemons and strawberries on it.
20 pounds of ice. 100 small plates. 100 smallish cups. 200 napkins. toothpicks

Blessings on all in the party.

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