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Cook Talk

Grad party anywhere from 40-70 people
Hi trying to plan grad party makes it hard when people do not RSVP! I'm planning on making
100pc chicken
300 sweet and sour meat balls
15 pounds white rice
15-20 pounds(uncooked) pork loin for pulled pork sliders
10 pounds coleslaw
10 pounds pasta salad
3 veggie pizzas (the appetizer kind)
Fruit salad ( not sure how much of this I need)
Dessert trays
5 pounds green beans
5 pounds baked beans

Will this be enough I'm trying to avoid overspending and having too much left over

Thank you so much!

Usual caterer plan is 85% of the invites. Will that work for you? Most likely you need around 50. The amounts need some tweaks-

100pc chicken- plenty- some left
300 sweet and sour meat balls-plenty some left
15 pounds white rice- way to much, I only do 8 pounds per 100
15-20 pounds(uncooked) pork loin for pulled pork sliders- plenty. You could cut all 3 meats by 25% and still have plenty
10 pounds coleslaw- plenty
10 pounds pasta salad- plenty
3 veggie pizzas (the appetizer kind)- plenty
5 pounds green beans- need 10-12 pounds
5 pounds baked beans- need 2 gallons

Fruit salad ( not sure how much of this I need) Do a fruit tray instead- for 50 or for 3/4 of 100 depending on how many you decide- see the fruit tray page

Chips- 1 pound per 12
Dip- 1 cup per 5

Dessert trays- see the dessert planning page

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