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Cook Talk

Baby Shower
Hi Ellen! Thank you so much for the advice! I loved the ideas of having a taco bar! and finger sandwiches for the kids.
I plan to have the shower in a park the last day of August. It will be a gender reveal party so I will definitely have pink and blue with guessing games.
The lemonade is a great idea since it will still be summer time.
I am thinking of having tacos like the ones they sell at taco bell with the hard shell rather than the corn tortilla like the mexican restaurants. Would you happen to know a good recipe? I would also like to know how much meat will I be needing to make enough tacos for 80 adults.
Go to the taco bar page and do 4/5 the amount for 100 to serve 80, 3/4 to serve 75. Get 3 hardshells per person, but do get at least 1 soft per person also-

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