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Cook Talk

Hi Ellen,
How would I cook saugage, peppers and onions and pototes in electric roaster for 25 people.
Thanks for you help, I have never tried this in electric roaste.
This is pretty easy. 1 pound of sausage per 3, equal weight of mixed onions and peppers, trimmed and sliced, 1 pound of potatoes per 3-4.

Parboil with washed potatoes for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, preheat covered roaster oven to 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Spray the cooking pan with nonstick spray. Toss the cut up peppers and onions in olive oil. Place in the roaster cooking pan. Drain the potatoes, which should still be firm, roll in olive oil and some Italian seasoning, place on top of the veggies. Arrange the sausages, which you have stuck with a fork a couple of times, on top of the peppers and onions. Cook for 30 minutes. Then, using kitchen scissors or poultry shears, cut the sausages in half or whatever size chunks you want. Toss to combine the sausage pieces with the potatoes, peppers and onions. Keep putting the lid back on between additions or you will increase cooing time. Continue cooking for another 40-50 minutes, occasionally tossing the mixture for even cooking. Serve over rice or on Italian bread with provolone cheese.

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