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Graduation Party
I am having a graduation party for 80-90 people in a few weeks. Due to some last minute changes by the family member that's throwing it for me, I'm concerned about the food. I think that there should be a variety and that there should be more than enough. It is my worst nightmare to run out.

1 full tray of mac and cheese
1 full tray of penne a la vodka
1 full tray of eggplant parm
1 full tray of sausage and peppers
1 full tray of meatballs
1 full tray of chicken tenders
1 full tray of sesame chicken
1 half tray of potato salad
1 half tray of coleslaw

We would also like to have italian and american heroes. Not sure how many to get. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Victoria, you need to tell me, are these the full size, 2 inch deep standard catering pans? Each of those serves only about 25, so you are short on pasta and eggplant (which some meat eaters will take as a sidedish) and very short on salads. You actually have almost enough meats without the sandwiches. Write back.
I think that it will actually be two half trays rather than a whole since it's easier to carry which are still 2 inches deep.

The family member throwing the party for me feels that I have over planned so it is super stressful right now.

How many trays of pasta should there be? How many heroes? I don't know how many to order.

Standard size half trays I will be using
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