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French toast 200 pieces
I'm looking for number of pieces of french toast 12 eggs will make and an idea of milk to egg ratio. Will be making 200 pieces of FT using cottage bread.
Per dozen eggs, no more than 1 cup milk, unless you like soggy. A bit of cinnamon, a little vanilla extract. If you need to add a little more milk to your mix to allow especially hard bread to soak well, that's fine. Just make sure that after you soak properly, you allow enough time at the proper (med to med-low) grill heat to let your eggs set up.

For 200 pieces, about 3 quarts milk and 4- quarts eggs.

If you grill in cinnamon butter, it slightly caramelizes as it grills. Very tasty. Think of French Toast as if it were a piece of self-contained Bread Pudding. Equal amounts of eggs and milk, whatever spice and flavor you want, then onto the griddle. But you have to give the "custard" time to cook. So the griddle can't be to hot so as not to burn the outside before the inside is done to a custard like consistency.

thank you - do you think 6 dozen eggs will = 4 quarts eggs?
5 large eggs makes 1 cup. 72=14 1/2 cups- to get 16 cups/4 quarts add about 8 more.
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