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Pre-cooking and freezing BBQ

I am grilling chicken for 200 people and want to grill then freeze and reheat in roasters at the reception. I dont want the chicken to be dry tho and would like it kind of plain so people can select from a variety of sauces. Any tips on basic marinates to keep it moist while reheating? Or any reheating tips to keep it moist.

Denise, grilling is the most drying and reheating without sauce is very difficult. If I were doing that, I would buy frozen, pre-grilled pieces and follow the heating directions.

Warning: each roaster requires a SEPARATE circuit (usually these are 1 or at most 2 per room) and this much chicken would require 4 roasters. You need to be very careful about your plan.

HI! we did grilled chicken, and pulled pork and then sealed them in food saver bags with a food saver, then reheated them in the bag in boiling water in turkey roasters. worked great to keep the meat moist because we only dumped it out of the bags into serving trays at the last minute. I have seen the seal a meal and food savers as low at $30 and they are great for putting up all kinds of foods in the freezer. Also you could barrow one.
Thanks, Haley, as you figured out, the big deal here is you have to cook the chicken through, not part way, for food safety.
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