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wedding reception for 130 people including kids
im planning on having chk broc ziti meatballs cheese lasagns roasted potatoes and chk tips garden salad i am ordering by the full pan how many pans should i order also having cheese crackers and bbq wings and buffalo wings for apps
Please spell out, put some commas in, and tell me whether you are asking about the appetizers also; I can't make all this out. Also, tell me whether the ziti has meat, and why you are planning 2 pasta plus potatoes?
i am ordering buy the full pan so how many pans do i order of each.chicken brocolli zit,meatballs,marinated chicken tips,roasted potatoes,cheese lasagna,and pork shoulder meat.the apps im planning on having cheese,pepperoni and cracker tray,veggie tray,and chips and dip.
Thanks, that made a big difference.

chicken broccoli ziti- about 18 servings per pan. Since you have chicken and potatoes elsewhere, no more than 3
cheese lasagna- about 24 servings per pan. 2 is enough- none left

marinated chicken tips (breast chunks)- 1 pound raw chicken per 4, 1 pound cooked per 5
pork shoulder meat- 1 pound cooked per 5
meatballs- 1 pound per 6 if they are 1 ounce size or less

roasted potatoes- for 100, you may have some left

You need to add veg and/or salad, and I would add fruit trays as well; this is a very heavy, monochrome meal.

cheese,1 pound per 12
pepperoni, 1 pound per 12-15, is this popular in your area, or are there a lot of teens? Use the larger amount
cracker tray, 8 pounds

veggie tray, see veggie tray page, I would probably make this a fruit tray and add a veg or salad to the dinner
chips and dip; 1 pound chips per 12, 1 cup dip per 6-8- more if thicker, less if thinner.

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