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shredded beef and chicken sandwiches
Karin Corona
Hi Ellen,
I've read thru quite a bit of your helpful advice. I'm kind of coming to a conclusion, but want to run it by you first. I am making shredded chuck roast with onion soup mix and shredded chicken breast with BBQ sauce for sandwiches for a rehearsal luncheon. I'll also have a pasta salad, veggie and fruit platters, cookies and bars for dessert. For 35 people, I plan to buy about 15#s raw chuck roast and about 10# raw boneless skinless chicken breasts. Does this sound sufficient? Even if there are leftovers, that's ok. I just don't want to be short. Thanks for your help :)
Way too much meat.10 chuck and 6-7 chicken is plenty. Have a happy occasion.
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