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wedding reception for 100
this is the much of each do you suggest for 100. tossed salad, beef, roasted potatoes, green beans, pasta salad, corn on the cob, ziti, rolls. thanks
All on the plan for 100 table. Only adjustment, do 3/4 the potatoes and 6 pounds dry pasta for the ziti
paul from Wales UK
Hi Ellen
I have been experimenting with skewer cooking for my daughters wedding. 100 guests, 300 skewers [mix of beef lamb and chicken all with veg] and I think I can cook about 60 skewers at a time. I have been cooking the skewers in a hot oven for 8 - 10 minutes and they are pretty good! But I have only been experimenting with a few skewers at a time, for obvious reasons] Will the cooking time be different for a full oven? Main oven is fan and top oven conventional. And any tips for keeping them at the best temperature?
The convection (fan) oven is the one to use for this; use the other for other dishes or for holding (at 180). Be sure the ovens are thoroughly preheated before you start to use them. This will improve the time.

They still need to be spaced, not touching, and they need racks on the pans, or they sort of stew. So you will have to figure out how many trays.

If you will be holding, you need to fully cook but not overcook. I always precook the onion so they are not too crunchy when the meat is done. I would also do all beef or all lamb or all chicken at one time to improve chances of not over cooking.

They will take a bit longer, but not much, if you use these tips.

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