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baked beans in roasters
Hi Ellen,

I need to cook baked beans in something other than a conventional oven. I have a recipe for 50 that I'm doubling, and I was planning on using 2 roasters to hold it all. Can I put the beans right into the insert pans? Also, the recipe calls for it to be baked uncovered. If I cook them in the roasters with the lid on will it make the beans too soupy? They're supposed to be cooked for at least 1 hour @ 375. Would I do the same thing in the roaster?

I looked at your "beans" section and I saw advice about how long etc. to cook in conventional & convection ovens, but not roasters. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.



Good questions.

2 roasters is just right. You use the full cook pan/insert. The trick is, you PREHEAT the roaster, covered, to 25 degrees above cooking temp for at least 20 minutes before inserting the bean-filled pan, then turn to cooking temp and cook covered for as long as usual. If they are canned and you are just heating, turn the roaster to 180 as soon as they reach 165 in the middle of the pan. Do stir from the wall into the center every so often; the heat doesn't distribute easily with this full, dense filling.

You MUST put the lid on the roasters, or they will not cook fully. Almost none of the juice cooks off. So, if you are using canned beans, pour off some of the juice before putting into the cookpan. If it is a scratch recipe, be sure to soak the beans overnight before cooking and only add liquid to about 1 inch over the beans- if you need more liquid later, heat it and add it- you just want to keep the beans covered.

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