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buffet for 120 people
I am making baked ziti, hot roast beef sandwiches with cheese and beef broth, chicken marsala, green beans with potatoes, potato salad and cold hoagies. How much of each do I need????? How long in advance can I make each? I am making this for a surprise party and need to do most of the cooking the 2 days before the party. THANKS for any help!!!
Weeks ahead, make shred and freeze the beef in broth and the chicken marsala (see recipe on this site). Day before, (assuming borrowed refrigerator/ cooler space) make ziti, potato salad slice and plate meats and cheeses for hoagies, slice rolls, assemble fixings (see sandwich page for amounts).

I would do for 120:

baked ziti, 8-10 pounds dry pasta, meatless
hot roast beef sandwiches with cheese and beef broth,
beef about 15 pounds raw boneless
5 pounds sliced cheese
Consider a roll such as ciabatta style or stick with French or Italian that will also work for both dinner bread and the hoagies. 12-14 pounds per 100 guests.
chicken marsala, 1/2 the recipe for 100 this site
green beans with potatoes, 28 pounds beans about 8 potatoes

potato salad 35 pounds potatoes, some left

cold hoagies
Do meat and cheese platters for 50 per the sandwich page, do it yourself assembly, some people will take some as appetizers.

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