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160-170 people wedding
I am having a wedding in August with approx. 160-170 possible guests. I am serving rigatoni (2 electric roasters full), baked beans (1 roaster), Italian bread and fried chicken that I ordered from Giant Eagle. I ordered 260 pieces which will be a mix of 65 breasts, 65 thighs, 65 wings and 65 drumsticks. Do you think that I will have enough chicken. I am used to making food for an event of this size and usually have more than enough food. I will also have fruit trays, cookies, veggie trays, and cracker and cheese trays. I am mainly concerned with the chicken. What do you think?
I forgot that I am also having macaroni salad.
I am concerned you may be a little short on food.

fruit trays, see fruit tray page, at least 1 1/2 deluxe trays for 100
veggie trays, veggie tray page
cracker, 10-12 pounds
cheese trays, 1 pound per 10

rigatoni (2 electric roasters full), 100-120 served
baked beans (1 roaster), 60 served
Italian bread need 20 pounds plus about 4 pounds butter
fried chicken- you have enough for at most 150. I usually plan on 2 pieces per person
I would definitely add salad (see plan for 100) and a veg of some kind 35 pounds

cookies, 3-4 per person

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