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Converting "gallons" to "pounds&quo
Hello. When you give quantities for items such as chicken, pasta and potato salads, and cole slaw, it lists the amount in "gallons." How do I convert this amount to "pounds?" Thank you!
Converting "gallons" to "pounds&quo
The difficulty is, various recipes weigh different amounts- for example, a chicken salad with grapes and nuts weighs differently from one with just celery; pasta salads with chopped meat or tuna weigh more than those with Italian vegetables.

So if you are trying to translate, make your recipe in a small amount, weigh and measure, and then multiply.

If it is just a standard potato salad, you will see at the grocery how much a gallon weighs.

Sorry I can't be more specific. People eat mostly by amount, not weight- meats can be easily calculated by weight, other items are much more difficult-

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