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Wedding Reception for 50
Thank you for the previous advice, I just need come final help and we have committed to a donation of your site of .10 per RSVP'd guest for all of your help!

We have decided on the following items for our menu. Now I just need to know how far in advance for prep, quantities of each (including max pan sizes for home kitchen cooking/freezing) to maximize our space and reheating time. I would also welcome links to any suggested recipes that compliment traditional "southern fare" without nuts...we have guests with allergies. Myself and the mothers are cooking!

Pulled Pork
Field Peas with Snaps
Sweet Potato Casserole
Mac/Cheese w/Spaghetti Noodles
Green Bean Casserole
Potato Rolls

We also plan to have a Biscuit Bar and a Pasta Salad/Veggie station during the cocktail hour prior to dinner.

Thank you in advance Ellen! I LOVE your site as it has been the most helpful of all that I have found in my arduous "googling"

I forgot to mention...this is now for 60 guests and it will be an evening reception. Ceremony is from 5:30p-6p. Cocktail/Pic hour is from 6-7p with supper served at 7pm and cake cutting between 8:30/9p.
OK, 60 guests.

Pulled Pork- 18-20 pounds boneless pork
Chicken/Rice- 6 chickens, rice to match- use any family recipe
Field Peas with Snaps- 10 pounds fresh- make meatless
Sweet Potato Casserole- 18 pounds raw
Mac/Cheese w/Spaghetti Noodles- is this a family tradition? You need 5 pounds dry pasta, 1 quart cream sauce per pound, 3/4 to 1 pound cheese per pound
Green Bean Casserole- 1 recipe ellen's better green bean casserole, top of the Big Pots page.
Cornbread- 1 piece per person
Potato Rolls- 1 per person
2 pounds butter

You have enough veggies that I would recommend a fruit tray instead of a veggie tray.

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