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Weekend Camping Trip
We are going on a camping trip with 20 adults. We need 3 Breakfast's, 3 Lunch's, and 2 Dinners.

I was thinking one dinner to be grilled chicken, corn, and potatoe salad dinner with rolls.

Another dinner to be Hamburgers, Macaroni and Cheese, and salad with rolls.

All Breakfasts would consist of Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage and eggs.

Lunch would be Hot Dogs and Bolonga Sandwiches.

How much should I buy?

What cooking facilities, what storage, and why are you having such dull breakfasts and lunches?
They were just ideas that I had.
All we would have to cook would be a grill, a fire pit and a cooler with ice for storage.
OK. Look here for inspiration and ease:

Both of these also have breakfast links.

And here are some make-aheads to enhance your menus:

The chicken dinner sounds good, but I suggest you do roast potatoes- much less trouble than the potato salad- grape tomatoes travel well for salad. You can cook extra potatoes so you can do fried in the morning.

Cooking pasta over a campfire is not fun, and you would need to do 3 pounds, which is GALLONS of water, for the macaroni. How about a pickled vegetable salad (3 bean, gardeniera, etc) or possibly German style hot potato salad, instead- comes in a can-

For amounts, just plan 1/5 the amounts for 100 on the plan for 100 page, or if many men or big eaters, use 1/4 of 100.

Plan for a serious snack load- about 400 calories per person- dried fruits, trail mix, bars, etc, and PLENTY of water- at least 3 quarts per person per day.

The other consideration is, foil packet dinners, or "hobo packets", see this blog:

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