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Family Reunion
I will be hosting this year's family reunion. We typically have about 100 family members attend. About half of that number will be children - and of those children at least 25 are old enough to eat like an adult. Our main menu is seafood gumbo/rice with a low country boil of shrimp, potatoes, corn, onions and sausage. For the non seafood eaters - we will have fried chicken and some hot dogs for children who eat neither seafood or chicken. I'm going for sides of potato salad, cole slaw and baked beans. All of that will be prepared by myself and my immediate family - the chicken we are going to purchase from Walmart - the desserts are going to be pot luck - the other families coming will bring their favorite dessert. I'll have a variety of crackers along with French bread. Drinks will be tea, soft drinks and water - they'll be left in the coolers for everyone to choose. If I figure at least 75 people will want gumbo and 85 will eat shrimp - how many gallons of gumbo would you suggest and how many pounds of shrimp and how many pounds of sausage. - Also how many pounds of potato salad and how much cole slaw. It will be outside by the water - a lot of physical activity going on - so I would expect the appetites to be hardy - I have a 100 qt pot, a 60 qt pot and a 20 qt pot - I'll prepare the gumbo and sides ahead, but we will be doing the low boil outdoors the day of - I guess I should note - we will de-head the shrimp - so poundage for shrimp heads off
Gumbo-about7 gallons- assuming some folks will eat 2 bowls- rice separate, 1 pound dry per 12. You might find this recipe helpful:

ahrimp- at least 1 pound per 4 and 1 pound for 3 would not be too much, budget permitting. 2 pounds sausage and 4 pounds potatoes per 10-12. 1/2 ear corn per person. 1 cup cocktail sauce per 5.

Thank you - we're blessed to live on the coast and we're right on the bay. We'll do our own shrimping for the reunion - otherwise I wouldn't be quite so ambitious as to provide the seafood for 100. We do a lot of fish fries for the neighbors - but never a 100. Playing on the water tends to make everyone just a bit hungrier - so wasn't sure how much to prepare for a larger crowd - I appreciate your help.
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