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Cook Talk

Hosting a mixed barbque for about 25-30 guest
Help!!! I am not good at preparing large meals. I have 4 racks of beef ribs, 2pks 12pc chicken legs, 8pks 7pc smoked sausage half spicey and half mild, and 4pks 8pc Hot Dogs for the kiddos. I have 3 jumbo cans of beans(3ibs each roughly) and plan to serve potato salad and corn on the cobb. My friends are making appetizers. Is this enough? How much poato salad and corn on the cobb do I need?
You have way plenty meats, but may run out of beef ribs- they are popular. With the chicken legs and sausage, you could skip the hot dogs and still have enough.

You need a gallon of beans. 1 1/2 gallons potato salad. 25 ears of corn, break some in half.

4 pounds good bread, two pounds of butter. 2 quarts bbq sauces.

You might add 2 pounds of chips and 2 quarts of dips, or a gallon of some kind of marinated veggies or fruit salad.

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