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Cook Talk

playground raising for 100
hello! i am the food committee for our local playground build ... 100 workers ... a handful of young children

my menu
pulled pork
mac n cheese
rice and beans
green salad

cookies/brownies/chips/water all being donated and already taken care of ... wondering about amounts of pork / pasta/ rice ... thanks so much :)

Hi, Susan,

Since it really doesn't matter what meat you pull, and there are many reasons people don't eat pork, please consider doing pulled chicken instead. It is actually cheaper, and you would use thigh meat or leg quarters, which stays juicier.

Also, if you are not deeply attached to mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes are a lot easier to prepare. Boiling up 10 pounds of pasta is no joke. A wonderful alternative, and no ovens to mess with, is the Asian noodle salad on this site- the rice noodles are just dipped in boiling water and are very fast to prepare, it is done in advance, the salad is served cold, and is very beautiful.

Are the rice and beans mixed together?

Would you consider a fruit tray instead of green salad? The melon would be very popular with kids and hot workers?

Write back.


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