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Bridal Shower for 50 women
I am planning an outdoor bridal shower for 50 women from 2-6 pm. We are serving as appetizers 3 dips tomato & mozzarella and a veggie tray w/dip
main course: cold cut/cheese tray for sandwiches chicken salad, quiche made in small muffin pan, pasta salad, green salad and a tuna/mac salad. How much of everything do we buy/make? Thanks for your help.
First, completely skip the tuna mac salad, you already have too many dishes.

3 dips- 2 would be plenty- 3 quarts total, 1 pound bread, crackers, or chips per 15
tomato & mozzarella 3 quarts grape or cherry tomatoes, 2 pounds tiny mozzarella balls
veggie tray w/dip- with this menu, I would do a fruit tray, you already have plenty of vegetables.See either the fruit tray page or the veggie tray page

cold cut/cheese tray for sandwiches
chicken salad,
because you have both, use the reception level guide on plan for 100, use 1/2 each for 50

80-100 slider size rolls mayo and mustard

quiche made in small muffin pan,
if mini, 2 per person, if small, 1 per person

pasta salad, 3 pounds dry pasta plus add ins
green salad, I would instead do sandwich fixings with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olives, etc- see the sandwich planning page, or5 one of the salad that hold in that section on the site.

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