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Cooking for my wedding!
Hi! I'm getting married and plan to do it myself with help from wonderful friends and family! We are planning on 80 people. We will have a cocktail/appetizer hour with a cheese tables and bruschetta bar. The dinner menu consists of steak, shrimp kabobs, pesto pasta, caesar salad, spinach salad, and bread.

Here are my questions...
Grilling steaks. How many pounds do you think? What's a good portion size?

Also grilling shrimp kabobs. Again, Pounds?

We are making pesto pasta (nut free). Wise to cook and freeze the pasta ahead of time?

Will people eat lots of bread? Should I get all one kind or have several choices?

Thank you so much!! You are a lifesaver!!!

Paula, this menu is a little ambitious for this many people. Please write and let me know what kitchen facilities, how the grilling will be handled, whether it is sit down or buffet, what time and how long, beverages and what your appetizer table will contain.
Ok! We are using a large/semi commercial kitchen. It will be a buffet and we are renting an enormous gas grill to handle the large amount of food that will be on it.

Cocktail hour is 6:00-7:00 with a large cheese table and a make your own bruschetta bar. The cheese table will contain roughly seven varieties of cheese along with apples, pears, grapes, and an assortment of crackers. The bruschetta bar will contain three different toppings along with the bread. I have gotten a great idea about amounts from other posts on your site for these amounts. We will have wine, beer, lemonade, iced tea, and water available.

Dinner is at 7:00(ish).

I have three people manning the grill and three more for handling the rest of the food.

Thank you again!

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