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cooking for a retreat
I have cooked for this retreat twice a year for several years. I will be feeding 65-70 college students - 2 dinners, one breakfast, and one lunch. We will be transporting the food to a girlscout camp. Ease of prep is one thing, we usually do one night pasta and the next night mexican - the lunch a sandwich buffet - anybody have some favorites to feed a crowd?
All these recipes are on site.

The baked oatmeal is a great winter breakfast.

Improved asian noodles under salads that hold is beautiful and popular and makes a fine entree with sliced chicken offered separately (for the non- vegetarians)

There are good soup and chili recipes.

The Basic budget entrees has recipes for chicken and rice, jambalaya, etc, all good for this task. If it is an active weekend, the recipe for 100 is about right for 70 college students plus staff.

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