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Cook Talk

Lynne nicolai
I am having a BBQ for 50 adults and 15 kids I am serving hot dogs hamburgers grill chicken and sausage and pepper how much meats do I need if each kind and how much potato salad slaw and Mac salad do I need
Lynne, 4 meat choices for 50 people is too much to estimate economically. I suggest you skip the hot dogs- anyone who will eat one will eat a chicken leg or sausage and peppers. You will still have some meat left over (because you have to make enough for everyone to get their first choice), but not as much.

This is what I would do:
40 burgers
15 chicken quarters
8 pounds sausage with equal amount veggies

You will still have some left, but not as much.

For the side dishes, see the plan for 100 page, use half the amounts for 100- add just a little if one is a particular local favorite.

For sandwich fixings, tomato, etc, see the sandwich page, use 1/2 the amount for 100.

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