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benefit fundraiser party
We are having a benefit paarty. We are planning for apx. 250 ppl.
is 25 loaves. Of sandwiches enough? (Egg salad, tuna, ham, chicken salad, salmon)
Also how much cheese and piclkes?

How much Veggies and dip? Ad Spinach dip with puppernickel bread?
We are also serving chips and cake for dessert. This event is at Ipm to midnight

Sarah, please give me the entire menu including beverages and desserts and tell me if it is self-serve, plated, boxed, etc. Are the sandwiches pre-made or are people making their own? Also will people be around all day and thus need lunch and supper, or is it a come and go situation? All this affects the amounts. Write back.
Thank you for your quick reply.

The party is from 8pm to midnight - we will serve the food around 10pm.

As for beverages - it is a cash bar that people will be able to buy their own drinks. We will serve tea and coffee though.

It is a self serve meal with pre-made sandwiches - we will be making egg salad sandwichs, ham, tuna, salmon and chicken salad. We plan to do 25 loaves alltogther - is that enough for apx 250 people?

We will also serve - cheese and pickles, veggies and dip, spinach dip with puppernickle bread and chips. How much do I need for each of these?

And cake for dessert.

Because people have eaten dinner, you can use the tea sandwich guideline here:

As discussed there, you need 32 pounds of bread if it is thin-sliced; If you are using regular sliced, about 40 pounds for the same amounts of fillings

cheese, 1 pound per 12
pickles, 1 gallon per 100, consider adding a couple gallons olives
veggies and dip, see veggie tray page; but I would do fruit trays instead- see fruit tray page
spinach dip, 1 cup per 6, about 2 1/2 gallons
pumpernickel bread and chips, about 16 pounds total

They will want sweets...

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