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Cook Talk

50th wedding Aniv.
Having a reception for 150 will start at 6:30pm
Menu will be veg tray, cheese tray, finger sandwich(chicken and pimento cheese), Oriental salad, pasta salad, shrimp dip, hummus, fruit salsa, cinnamon chips, crackers, smoke pork loin cold, dinner rolls, chicken sausage jambalaya tea coffee and cake. Need a idea on how much of each that I need to prepare.

Thanks in Advance

Since this will be dinner for most, here is how I would do it:

veg tray, use veggie tray page, but consider doing 2 classic relish trays instead, more grown up and festive, pickles and olives good with the sandwiches
cheese tray, 1 pound per 10-12, some can be logs or spreads or balls
crackers, 9 pounds

finger sandwich (chicken and pimento cheese), on this bread (pepperidge farm sells this, and some bakeries can do it) 1 single sandwich per person, cut into 3 or 4 pieces, crusts off. about 2/3 chicken (8 pounds salad) and 2/3 cheese (about 6 pounds)
smoke pork loin cold, cooked weight 1 pound per 5, or 1 pound per 4 boneless raw
dinner rolls, 2 small per person, slider size, have mayo, mustard and bbq sauce for making into sandwiches and butter for plain, 1 pound per 8
chicken sausage jambalaya, hmm, tougher estimate. About 8 pounds raw rice, everything else in proportion to your favorite recipe. Could go 10 if they are big eaters...

Oriental salad, ??? is this Asian noodle salad? If so, do using the amounts or recipe on this site, under salads that hold
pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta, probably have some left

shrimp dip, popular, 1 cup per 4
hummus, 1 cup per 4-5
You need about 8 pounds of chips such as pita chips with these

fruit salsa, 1 cup per 6
cinnamon chips, about 5 pounds
But consider just doing fruit trays instead, prettier, holds better and the leftovers are more usable

tea, iced, about 12 gallons, 1/3 unsweetened
coffee, dinner level coffee and hot tea, see the beverage planning page, use decaf proportion suggested uless it is a younger crowd

cake a 2 layer full sheet cake makes 100 to 120 servings

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