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Cheapest Menu for 200
I need help. I am on a strict budget for my wedding. But I would like for my guest to enjoy and eat. I need help coming up with a menu idea to fee 200 people. I have looked at suggestions for only appetizers and a dessert reception and even a chicken toss salad. Can someone please help with ideas and the quantity of food needed.
Hi, Angel,

If you schedule your service for 1 or 2 pm, or for 7 pm, you can have a dessert/tea reception, which lasts just 2-3 hours and is a very inexpensive way to do it, and popular with guests. It is relaxed and friendly.

The thing is, though, with only non-alcoholic beverages, even a simple reception comes to about $10 per guest. If your budget is very limited, you need to consider limiting your guest list; 80=120 people is very feasible for a home kitchen (you don't say where the reception is to be held), while 200 requires a commercial type kitchen, renting equipment and dishes, etc.

You and other family members could begin baking and freezing cookies and bars for a dessert type reception far in advance. One reader started baking Christmas cookies in June for a December wedding.

Read the article under the "wedding dinner" button on main cook talk page. Write back; this is not impossible. More details on your help, place of reception, etc.

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