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Wedding at home
Wedding ceremony and reception at homefor 50 people. Ceremony starts at 4pm there after appetizers and then dinner.

We are having our wedding at home with 50 people. I am doing light appetizers devils eggs, pigs in a blanket and fruit salad and bruchettas and mini quiche.
For lunch for the family of 12 we doing pulled pork but not sure how much to do and what else to serve. We also doing hot dogs..

For dinner I was planning on having boneless chicken breast in mushroom sauce but not sure what else to serve with it.
Also, I need to know how much meat to cook and rolls amount..
Also how much pulled pork. Please any suggestions on what else to serve and how much.
All this will be serve buffet style..

For the pulled pork meal, for 12
pork- 4 pounds ready to serve, which starts with about 4 pounds raw boneless. However, I would suggest meatloaf sandwiches, or something else which is NOT drippy.
2 quarts each slaw, potato and pasta salad
sandwich fixings- 1/8 the amount for 100 from the sandwich page.

Premake 4 9x13 pans of assorted desserts/cobblers etc. These can go in the freezer


deviled eggs, 2 eggs per 3 persons
pigs in a blanket, 2 per person
fruit salad- do fruit trays, easier, keep better, less waste
bruschettas- 2 per person
mini quiche- 2 per person
Needs a lemonade or punch

boneless chicken breast in mushroom sauce
Consider doing a half recipe of either the orange dijon chicken or the chicken marsala from big pots. Both make 100 for the full recipe.

Add a baked rice pilaf with almonds or saffron, 4 pounds dry rice
12 pounds ready to cook vegetables
6 pounds bread or rolls, 2 pounds butter
An interesting extra dish such as spiced apples or peaches or artichoke hearts- 4 9x13 dishes

Dinner level coffee with the dessert, see the dessert page

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