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Roast Beef for church dinner
In October 2013 I'm doing a roast beef dinner for 150. I'd like to make the Roast Beef in my lower level catering kitchen; slice it and place the slices in an au jus to reheat at the church. First I'd like to know which cut of meat would take the reheating and if 6 oz. raw per person would be sufficient.
Thanks so much. I'm a part time caterer but have not done roast beef on such a scale. Would so apppreciate your input. Thanks.
If you are not doing prime rib, you want either steamship round or whole shoulder (chuck), which makes more of a pot roast. You can taste this cut at any Cracker Barrel, it is how they make their roast.

Take a look at the beef roasting article on this site.

I never plan less than 1/2 pound raw boneless for a party meal.

You need to have a non-meat alternative for at least 10 entrees.

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