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Neighborhood Birthday Party
Hi Ellen!

I need some advice regarding quantities for my daughter's first birthday party. Can you recommend quantities to provide for the following items? We are having roughly 60 adults/teens and 20 children. Also any advice you can provide on my menu I would appreciate so much! I have never cooked for this many people.

- BBQ Pulled Chicken (crock pot recipe) with Slider Rolls
- Baked Ziti

- 7 layer dip
- Crudite with Dip
- Tomato, Hearts of Palm & Cucumber Salad with olive oil and seasoning
- Fruit Salad

- Birthday Cake
- Brownies

What other complimentary (easy) entree can I add? Any other suggestions? And please let me know approximate quantities. Thank you so much!


Count this as 3/4 of 100 for use of my tables.

- BBQ Pulled Chicken (crock pot recipe) with Slider Rolls- 2 per person
Second easy dish, how about meatballs, 1 pound per 5? Add a few dozen more rolls- meatball sliders are popular; and it goes with the ziti, too.
- Baked Ziti- I would make this meatless, and you might consider mac and cheese, more popular with the younger crowd

- 7 layer dip- recipe on this site check for help with amounts
- Crudite with Dip- do for 50, see the veggie tray page
- Tomato, Hearts of Palm & Cucumber Salad with olive oil and seasoning- 6-8 quarts, 6 probably fine with this young crowd
- Fruit Salad- suggest fruit trays instead, prettier, keep better and the left overs are more usable- see the fruit tray page, do for 75

- Birthday Cake- full sheet or 2 layer half sheet
- Brownies- 2 small per person, some without nuts

If this saves you time, trouble or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support the site. Thanks.

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