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Wedding for 80
Kim B
Hello Ellen, I am doing a wedding next week. They say they have about 100 people saying they will come so I am cooking for 80. This is just word of mouth invitations. Their menu contains alot of starches. They won't budge on the menu. So I need to know how much of each item since I don't think ever individual will eat that many starches. Anyway here is what they want: Baked chicken-breast boneless and thighs. Beef tips,mashed potatoes,mac and cheese,potato salad,mac salad,tuna salad,peas, carrots w/butter and sweet,green beans,corn and rolls. Please help with quantities. Thank you
Kim, if they say 100, cook for 100 and charge for 100. If you run out of food when 100 show up, it will be your fault and hurt your business.

I hope you are just doing the food and not the set up and service also.

This is a mediocre plan, they need an appetizer table and punch. This is about the best I can do:

Beef tips, 1 pound raw beef per 4
Baked chicken-breast boneless and thighs, 40 each breast and thighs
tuna salad, 1 restaurant size can, equal amount diced celery, equal amount good mayo

mashed potatoes, 30 pounds potatoes
mac and cheese, 6 pounds dry pasta

potato salad, 25 pounds potatoes
mac salad, 3 pounds dry pasta

peas, 12 pounds
carrots w/butter and sweet (?), 12 pounds
green beans, 14 pounds
corn, 16 pounds
Some veg left

rolls 12 pounds
butter 3 pounds

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