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Fall Wedding
I am catering a wedding in Oct.for a friend. She has 200 guest attending. She would like bake and fried chicken , grren beans, corn, yellow rice and dinner rolls, with lemonade and iced tea to drink. How much would I charge her and how much would the food cost.
April, this list is primarily for family and volunteer cooks, not paid gigs, and your questions indicate you need a lot of help/coaching to take on a paid job. For example, do you know you can't cook in your home kitchen for food for sale? Do you have liability insurance for the event? If anyone is injured or claims they were sickened by the food, you can be sued; you could lose your house.

Now, about the menu. You need a commercial level kitchen to prep and store this much food. They need an appetizer plan (about 3 items)with two serving areas, and punch or lemonade.

bake and fried chicken, 220 pieces each, and have the fried chicken delivered by a local outfit- not practical to do yourself,
green beans, 45 pounds
corn, 45 pounds
yellow rice, 20 pounds dry

dinner rolls, 25 pounds
butter, 6 pounds

iced tea
16 gallons each, 1/3 the tea unsweetened

You need dinner level coffee with the dessert, see the beverage planning page

Do please post to the pro boards,,,

for additional help.

If you need to set up, serve and clean up, you will need at least 3 kitchen people and at least 12 servers to set up, serve and clean up.

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