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60th birthday party
I am planning a party for hubby's 60th for about 120 people. menu includes- sweet sausage sandwiches or meatball sandwiches, penne pasta, and hawaiain checken nuggets. any help on the amounts of meat I need? thanks
Sure. This will vary depending on when the time of the party is, how long it lasts, what else is being served and age spread of the guests- so send me some more info, please.
open house-mid afternoon-[1-ish to 7-ish] watching football.[will have both sausages and meatballs]
also including hash brown casserole, chips/dip, crudites, cabbage salad and cake
men and women, only a few kids
These could be out as people arrive:
Hawaiian chicken nuggets- popular, 1 pound per 3-4 people. 1/2 cup dipping sauce per person

chips/dip, 1 pound per 10, 1 pint dip per pound

crudites, use the veggie tray page, but do consider using the classic relish tray for part of the raw foods- popular with this age group.

I would add a fruit tray, melons, or some such for sweet, see the fruit tray page

You might also consider some cheese balls or spreads, or queso for the chips- 1/4 cup per person

These are the dinner things- put out around 5

sweet sausage sandwiches, 1 pound sausage per 5 PLUS
meatball sandwiches, 1 pound meatballs per 4
about 4 ounces of bread/roll per person- baguettes make great rolls for these sandwiches
Sanswich sondiments are discussed on the sandwich page
A lot of folks like an ounce or 2 of provolone with these sandwiches

penne pasta, 6-8 pounds dry pasta unless it is a big pasta eating group, since you also have the potatoes

hash brown casserole, I use the amounts in the recipe at the bottom of the festive brunch page

cabbage salad- 3 gallons

Add dinner level coffee to the dessert, see the beverage planning page

cake- 2 layer full sheet will cut 100-120 servings

Happy birthday.

how does ambrosia/ 5 cup salad sound for fruit?
and thanks so much- will certainly pass along your web site to others I know who do their own parties!
That would be fine, you would need about 2 1/2 to 3 gallons.

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