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how much to buy for 150 people
Need help!catering a wedding for 150 people not sure how much to buy.I'm making pulled pork an brisket.I'm also making green salad an pasta salad.please help me.
Stacey, this site is primarily for family and volunteer cooks, and I am not sure if this effort falls in that range. In any case, this is a very incomplete menu. To help, I need to know the time and length of the party, age spread of the guest, what is being served as the appetizer selection (you have to have one for success at wedding receptions) and whether alcohol is served.

Be aware that if you are being paid, you can't cook food at home for sale, it has to be done in a licensed kitchen or at the site. Also, you need liability insurance for the event. If anyone (guest or staff) is injured, or says the food made them sick, you can be sued; you could lose your house, or have your wages garnished for the rest of your life.

So write back.

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