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30th Birthday Baseball Theme 60 guests
Any baseball theme food ideas for october baby? For 60 guests please. How many hot dogs, hamburger sliders, taco bar (ground beef, and pork carnitas) with all the sides cheese, sour cream, avocado, salsa, cilantro, lettuce, onions. Nacho bar,nacho cheese, ground beef, jalapenos, or sloppy joes would that be cheaper than taco bar?

desserts/snacks: some fruit,cupcakes, cake pops, popcorn cracker jack, peanuts, sunflower seeds, candy, cake, Popcornopolis, chips,

drinks: soda, lemonade, beer, hard liquor

Thank you in advance.

30 can be a bit challeging...

Anyway, this is too many entrees for 60 people. I would go with just hot dogs and nachos.

There is a great crackerjack recipe on this site.

I need some info; what time, how long, any side dishes? Write back and I will try to help.

You can rent a popcorn machine and a hot dog roller machine, both smell great. The new pretzel style rolls are a wonderful choice. There are 2 excellent recipes for hot dog chili and coney sauce on this forum:

Saturday day time, 4pm-2am

Thanks for the help! hot dog and nachos would be great.
how many pounds of ground beef for the nachos? Drinking alcohol also makes them hungry again.

side dishes: any finger food that's easy?

some veggies like raw (cucumber, cherry tomatoes,celery, carrots, and broccoli platter with hummus, and ranch dip,and how many deviled eggs?

I have a crock pot so I can definitely keep the chili in there. Is the hot dog chili recipe similar to Wienerschnitzel, that's his favorite

Yes, if you make the chili recipe for 100 it will do for both hot dogs and nachos and it is similar to Weinerschnitzel's- I think better, but I may be prejudiced- mashing it up in the juice as it cooks is essential.

With that time span, you need 2 full meals and snacks, that's a l o n g party. So does it appeal that you will have out nacho stuff when they come with some sides, hot dogs around 6-7, adding some beans and potato or pasta salad, and desserts and sweets and coffee with maybe a few different bites, around 10? Pizza bites for the late snack with dessert is what comes to mind.

You definitely want to have coffee starting around 10 with 8 hours of drinking. Keep in mind that in most states you, the host, are liable if a drunken guest gets into an accident on the way home.

If that food spread sounds right, email me back.

Yes this will work. Usually people will stop drinking by 10 pm so pizza snacks will be good idea for them to eat to sober up.

How much hot dogs should I buy? How many pounds of ground beef for the nachos. I don't mind having extra.

For the nachos, figure 1 pound chips per 6, use 2/3 the amounts for taco toppings from the taco bar page for whatever toppings you decide on. If you make the hot dog chili, you will not need additional ground beef. About 3 quarts of sliced jalapenos if your crowd uses them.

2 dogs per person, plus another dozen. Consider having baseball size or footlongs and/or bun size Polish dogs- they are tastier and more festive than regular hot dogs.

As they say around here, feliz cumpleanos annos

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