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cooking spaghetti for 100+ people
Hi Ellen,

I want to prepare a spaghetti meal for my son's marching band and chaperones. I read the information you have in the "spaghetti" section and have a question for you. Because of the venue (a college campus parking lot), I won't be able to reheat the cooked spaghetti as you describe in that section. Is it possible to cook the noodles the night before, cool them using your process, and then reheat the noodles with the sauce and meat in roasters the next day? I won't be able to reheat the noodles prior to placing them in the roasters.

Thanks for your help!


This is possible, but the caution is, bring the sauce and meatballs just to a boil, stirring enough to avoid sticking, THEN put in the spaghetti and turn to simmer. Since you will need at least 3 roasters to do enough, be aware that you can only run one roaster on each electrical circuit; you will need 3 circuits to run 3, which usually means, different rooms. If you use extension cords, they need to be the heavy duty ones, and you need to tape the cords down for safety sake.
Thanks for your reply, Ellen. The band will be using generators, since we will be setting up and eating outside (in a parking lot). Not ideal...I know.
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