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Cook Talk

Bridal Shower Brunch Buffet for 30
Please share suggested amounts for following menu:
Bagels (#)
Lox (by weight)
Cream cheese (by weight)
Tuna salad (by weight)
Egg salad (how many eggs)

I will also have a 5-8 lb fruit tray, and two large trays of very rich noodle kugel.

As guests arrive I will have cheese, pâté, crackers/breads, hummus, and creamed herring to nosh on until we get a critical mass.

At the end, assorted desserts.

All day, coffee, tea, juice.

Thank you

Dear Amy,

It looks to me like a very abundant menu, and I would expect you to have leftovers.

Bagels (#) 1 whole per person
Lox (by weight) 1 pound per 5
Cream cheese (by weight) 2 1/2-3 pounds
Tuna salad (by weight) cant do; about 1 cup per 5
Egg salad (how many eggs)3 dozen
I would add a few tablespoons of capers to garnish the salmon

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